The human illustrator Reiko Fujimori work for which a person's real intention is pressed.

Reiko Fujimori Illustration Gallery/Picture story of 'Japanese Expert'

Japanese Expert

The workman and the expert who succeeded to the technique of the person and Takumi who handed down the tradition art in the Japanese whole country were covered and it made it to the work.
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Reiko Fujimori Illustration-Peoples living in Shinjuku

Peoples living in Shinjuku Peoples living in Shinjuku
Illustration of Reiko Fujimori loves Shinjuku.

Various people gather from the world in Japanese capital, Tokyo, and Shinjuku, and various work is done. Congregants were covered in this chaotic city and it made it to the work.
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Reiko Fujimori Illustration-Kids Gangstar

Kids Gangstar Kids Gangstar
Illustration which the desire of Reiko Fujimori drew "Loved children" are fully blocked.

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Reiko Fujimori Illustration Gallery -My lovely animals

My lovely animals
Reiko loves animals!

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Reiko Fujimori Illustartion Gallery/Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Adam and Eve
Human Illustration

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Reiko Fujimori Poster Illustartion and design

[Illustration and design]
Momojiri festival poster
Momojiri festival poster/ illustration and design

Art picture collection "MY 100 FAVORITE ATOM"

Art picture collection “My atom exhibition [MY 100 FAVORITE ATOM]” by Lafore Museum 1993?1994.

Book 'Mirrors set against'

[Work book]
Work book
by Nakano Shoten. Cover design/Kazushi Suzuki

'Mirrors set against' is the first work book. The work of 89 points is published in this book by all colors.

Adam and Eve
Picture story of 'Japanese Expert'
Folklore pictures story
100 personal portrait
Peak a boh